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Frequently Asked Questio(FAQs)

1.How can I apply for a new facility license from DHA ?

Through DHA website, by creating an account and  submitting online all the required documents to get the approval from DHA


2.What are the areas under the jurisdiction of the DHA?

All Dubai areas except Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)


3. I have forgotten my account password, how can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by using "forget password" option from the account home page.

New password will be forwarded to the registered email address

In case you have forgotten your registered email address, please contact HRD support office or Call center at  regulation@dha.gov.ae


4. What are the payment channels available on Sheryan?

Only online payment through Credit card (Visa or Master card), Direct Debit and e-Dirham is accepted


5. Is the Tenancy contract required during the submission of the facility application?

It is not required in the initial stage, but it is  mandatory to be uploaded in the final approval stage 


6. What is the validity of the initial approval?

6 months gap from issuing the initial approval for General clinic/Polyclinic, Specialty clinic/Pharmacy…etc

1 year gap  for DSC, hospital & Fertility Center


7. How can I receive the initial/final approval letter and DHA license?

All approval letters and  DHA license will be sent to the registered e-mail in the facility account


8. What are the requirements for final approval?

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from owner to assign Medical Director (MD)
  • Final Trade license issued by Dubai Economic Department (DED) or Free zone
  • Adding Medical director to the facility
  • Valid Tenancy contract


9 . How can I edit facility information?

Through the facility account by the option of "Edit facility information", if the facility has a DHA license


10 .  Should the Dubai Economic Department license/Free Zone…etc license should be valid during the time of facility license renewal?        



 11. What are the requirements of licensed pharmacies to be illegible for 24/7 service?

The pharmacy must have a minimum of 4 pharmacists in the facility


12 . When can I renew my health facility license?

The system allows renewal 3 months before  expiry date of the license


13 . What should I do after the activation of my health facility?

Complete the application by adding the Medical Director and all the health professionals' in the health facility for obtaining the final approval and DHA license


14 . Can professionals transfer between the facilities of the same mother group?


15 . What is the maximum number of the doctors can use one medical room (full/part time)?

Two Doctors/dentists can share one medical room as long as those specialties have the same setting.


16 . IVF center, can it be a specialty added to a polyclinic, or it must be a stand-alone facility?

It can be a stand-alone facility, or part of a hospital.

17 . What is the ratio of nurses per doctor?

Assistant nurse can't join any facility unless they have Registered nurse (RN 1 : 2 AN)

Each Registered nurse /Assistant nurse can work with 2 Physicians (ratio of nurses with physicians are 1 : 2)

Each Registered nurse /Assistant nurse/Dental assistant  can work with 1 Dentist  (ratio of nurses with Dentists are 1 : 1)

The following Nurses can work with Dentist /Dentistry clinics : Registered Nurse , Assistant Nurse , Dental assistant  .

18 . If a health facility wants to change its license catogrey ( exlusion polyclinic to the Surgical Center) What are the steps ?

Upgrade from outpatient care facility such as Polyclinic…etc  to DSC/Hospital:

The applicant must to create a new account to submit the new application online with all the required documents for the new main category

Upgrade from one category to another(such as : specialty clinic to polyclinic:

By submitting online the application of "Add specialty to the facility "with all the required documents and the category will be converted automatically after fulfilling the DHA requirement


19 . If a facility wants to have Hair Transplant service, which specialty they should add to the facility? 

The following physicians can perform hair transplant services:

  • Plastic Surgeons with valid DHA license
  • DHA licensed Dermatologists and General Surgeons who shall fulfill the below requirements:
  • Acquire an accredited certificate in hair transplant/ restoration or any equivalent certificate from one (1) of the following certifying bodies: American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(ISHRS) or American Hair Loss Association
  • Have two (2) years of current experience in hair transplant along with a logbook with cases for procedures performed and the procedures outcomes.
  • Clear DHA assessment


20 . What should the health facility do if the Medical Director wants to go on leave?

They should notify HRS with the period of leave by Email


21 . When a facility gets the approval for changing the facility name, what would be the step for the professionals to change the facility name on their cards?

All professionals should apply for duplicate card and the cost will be 70 AED


22 . If I want to cancel my facility license ,what the steps should I follow regarding the professionals license cancellation ?

The facility can apply to cancel the facility license after canceling all professional. The Medical Director's license will be cancelled automatically after the cancellation of the facility if his license has not expired


23. How can I get the approval to send the doctors for home visits?

By getting the approval to provide home healthcare services


24 . Can I provide healthcare services in the facility after obtaining the initial approval?

You can only provide healthcare services after obtaining the final approval and DHA license 

25 .What is Dubai Universal Code?

The purpose of Dubai Universal Design Code is to define how the built environment and transportation system in the Emirate  pf Dubai shall be designed, constructed and managed for the  people of determination to approach, enter, use, egress from and evacuate independently              


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