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Frequently Asked Questions

A . New account and Sheryan system:

1.What is Sheryan?

Sheryan is the name given to the online application system for health facilities and healthcare professionals licensure by the Health Regulation Department (HRD) – Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

2. How can I apply for a DHA License?

    • Visit the registration page and create an account (The user account will be rejected if you already have an account with DHA )
    • To view New Professional Licensing Process click here 

3. I am not being able to login to my account, what might be the issue?

The account will be locked after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. You should , you can contact HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae 

4 . I have forgotten my account password, how can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by using "forgot password" option at the account homepage. Password will be forwarded to the registered email address. if you have forgotten your registered email address please contact the HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae 

5 .I am not able to upload document/s?

Please check if the file size and format is as mentioned in the step of the application process.

Note: If you have any additional document that do not fit the description, please upload them in the "Additional documents" part.

6. I have encountered an error in my application, what shall I do?

You can contact HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae With a screenshot of the error and , the step at which the error was encountered.

7. I have started my application and uploaded the required documents, but only payment was pending, can I save my transaction and pay later?

Yes, you can. "Save as draft" option is available.

8 . What are the payment channels available on Sheryan?

Only online payment through Credit Card (Visa or Master card), Direct Debit and eDirham is accepted.

9 . I would like to cancel a transaction that I have paid for, how can I request for a refund?

Once the transaction fees is paid, the amount is non-refundable.

10 . If there is an error in the payment process, what should I do?

If the payment process is not resolved within 12 hours of payment step, please contact HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae

11. How can I track my application status?

You may track the application by its reference number (Format: DHA/LS/XXXXXX/XXXXXX) using the tracking option at your Sheryan account.


12 . Can I edit my personal details after submitting my application?

Personal details must be filled accurately as per the passport because it cannot be edited after submitting the new license application and it will be the applicant's responsibility to provide the correct details. If you notice an error, you may contact HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae With a copy of your passport .

13 .I have an Active DHA license, can I edit my personal details?

Healthcare professionals/ health facilities with active DHA licenses can change contact details, address and email directly through their Sheryan account.  Requests for changes of personal details such as name and passport details should be emailed to HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae with a copy of your passport 

14. I have renewed my passport and I want to update the system with the new copy?

You can upload the new passport copy upon license renewal.

15 . I have changed my nationality and I want to update the system with the new details?

Passport details (oldand new passport copies) should be emailed to HRD support office at regulation@dha.gov.ae


B . Healthcare Professional License

1. I would like to work in the Emirate of Dubai, how do I know if I am eligible for a DHA healthcare professional license?

To view the eligibility criteria, please check the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements

2. I have an active Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) license, am I eligible to practice under DHA?

Yes, you can apply for a part-time DHA license if you are a physician or a dentist. However, for other healthcare professional titles, DHCC license must be deactivated to obtain a DHA license.


 3. My title is not listed in the Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements document (PQR), what shall I do?

The titles listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements are the only approved 
healthcare professional licensure titles by DHA , M inistry of Health and Prevention and Health Department - Abu Dhabi.

Note: You may apply for the most relevant 
title to your qualification and experience and DHA shall review your eligibility for that title.


 4. What if I apply for more than one title in the application?

DHA will select one title and you may add the second title once your license is activated.


5. Is a high school certificate required for the application process?

Yes, it is mandatory to upload it in the application unless your qualification is a BSc or higher Degree .

6. Do I have to attest my certificates from UAE embassy in my country?

No, you are not required to attest any documents as DHA will independently verify all required credentials.

7 . I have a gap for more than two years formy practical experience. Am I eligible to apply for a DHA license?

A minimum of 6 months of training and a specific number of CME is required to complete the process. For details please refer to the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements.

8. When am I required to submit a Medical Ftness Certificate?

You are required to upload a Medical Ftness Certificate in your application, in the following scenarios:

o   If you are 65 years of age or older.

o   If you have any physical, mental or emotional condition which may impair your ability to render professional services.

Note: Medical fitness certificate must be issued by one of the medical fitness centers run by DHA.

9 . I am trying to submit my application; however it is still pending in the account, what is the issue?

Ensure that you have agreed to the terms mentioned in the last step of the application 
by ticking the relevant box. Also, ensure that the dates listed are correct ( e.g. 31/04/2016 is wrong as April only has 30 days).

10 .After payment for my new professional license application, when will it be reviewed?

DHA will revert with an approval or comment within a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Note: You will receive one feedback from DHA if any document/s or information is required. However, if you fail to provide the requested document/s or information in your 2nd submission; the application will be rejected and you may apply again, 
using the same account, with payment 

11. How long do I have to resubmit the requested documents / information?

You have a maximum of 3 months to resubmit the required documents . The application will be canclled beyond this point . 

12. What is the validity of the eligibility letter?

Eligibility letter is valid for one year, from the date of issuance. Once the Eligibility expires, applicant may apply again (from the same user account) once the earlier application is rejected.


The applicants who passed the DHA Assessment will be issued an Eligibility Letter which is valid for one year, however the validity of the assessment result will be valid for (5) years providing the applicant
meets the following criteria.

    • To apply for new application
    • They meet the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements at the time of re-applying for the Assessment Exemption.
    • PSV results are positive, in case additional documents are added for verification / validation.
    • They meet any new criteria as set by DHA at the time of application.

13 . Once the eligibility letter is issued, can I start practicing?

A DHA license is required to practice, it will only be issued when the applicant has been accepted to work by the  health facility. After the eligibility letter is issued, you must upload a copy of the offer letter and medical malpractice insurance to proceed for licensure 

14 . I am unable to find the name of the health facility in the step of uploading the offer and medical malpractice insurance, what shall I do?

Please ensure that the service related to your specialty is available in the hiring facility.

15 . I did not receive my license card although it has been issued more than 5 days ago. What do I do?

Please email Zajel customer care office on info@zajel.com or to contact their toll free 80021111

16 . What is the validity of DHA license?

The DHA license is valid for 1 year, applicable for renewal within 3 months of its expiry.

17 . My license has expired for over 6 months. How can I renew it?

First, you must apply for "Cancel Professional License" and pay the applicable fees then apply for a "New Professional License" from the same user account.

18 . Who can apply for DHA part time license?

Only Physicians and Dentists can apply for part time license (When applying for a part time license your full time license should be valid for a minimum of 3 months).

19 . How many part time licenses can be granted for Physicians and Dentists in addition to their full time DHA license.

    • General practitioner and general dentist: Maximum of one part time license.
    • Specialist physicians and dentists (Non-surgical specialties): Maximum of two part time licenses.
    • Specialist Physicians and dentists (Surgical Specialties): Maximum of four part time licenses.
    • Consultant Physicians and dentists: Maximum of four part time licenses.
    • Registrar and undersupervision specialist physicians and dentists: Maximum of one part time license.
    • Specilaist or Consultant in the position of Medical Director: Maximum of two part time license. 

20 . In case of cancellation/transferring /revocation/suspension of my full time DHA professional license, what will happen to my part time license?

All part time licenses will be cancelled upon full time license cancelation/transferring revocation/suspension. 

21 . Where can I find details about different healthcare professional license processes?

Please check the following link for related information click here


C . Primary Source Verification (PSV)

1. What is Primary Source Verification (PSV) as mentioned in the application? 

PSV is the process by which DHA verifies the validity /genuineness of the submitted documents, at the their sources. The PSV process currently run through an organization called Dataflow and  all payments pertaining to PSV is made to them.

Note: If you do not have a PSV report at the time of applying; please choose to leave that part empty.

2.How long will it take for the issuance of the PSV report?

It takes, up to 4-8 weeks to receive the PSV report according to sources accessibility and cooperation .

3. How much is the PSV fee?

o   Physicians/Dentists AED 1,235

o   Others AED 935

o   Extra Document AED 300

o   Report Transfer AED 100

4. How can I pay for PSV?

All payments towards PSV must be made online, through PSV payment link. This will be sent to the applicant's email once credentials are approved.

Note: The payment link does not get activated immediately, it may take up to 48 hours to show the fee.

5. How can I get my PSV report?

You can request for your PSV report by visiting Dataflow website on www.dataflowgroup.com 

6. I was requested by DHA to re-verify a certain document, how can I do it?

You need to contact Dataflow at www.dataflowgroup.com and initiate the re-verification process.


D . Assessment

1. What is a Prometric assessment?

DHA conducts Computer Based Testing (CBT) as a mode of assessing the professional applying to practice in the emirates of Dubai. DHA runs its CBTs through a recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing, called Prometric. Prometric, with its centers across the globe, enables professionals of certain specialties to attend the assessment from their home country. 

2. Where does Prometric have their Test centers?

Prometric has 8,000 test centers in over 160 countries. Please visit www.prometric.com to find the closest center to your location.

3. If my specialty is not listed in Prometric exam list, what will be the mode of my assessment?

For all specialties that are not available through Prometric an oral assessment will be conducted, in Dubai, by an expert panel of DHA licensed healthcare professionals.

4. Does DHA provide study references?

DHA does not provide any references for (Oral Assessment). However, for Prometric exam, some specialties references are available on Prometric website www.prometric.com 

5. My name is not as per my passport in Prometric website, what shall I do?

Please send an email along with a copy of your passport and reference number to regulation@dha.gov.ae  

6. I have done the PSV payment, when will my eligibility number be activated?

The eligibility number will be activated within 3-5 working days.

7. My eligibility number does not exist, what shall I do?

Please send an email along with a copy of your passport and reference number to regulation@dha.gov.ae 

8. There are no available dates for assessment, what shall I do?

Please send your concern to regulation@dha.gov.ae 

9. How can I re-schedule my Prometric assessment?

Rescheduling can be 
done through Prometric website www.prometric.com

5 days prior to the assessment, additional charges will be requested.

Less than 5 days prior the assessment, the applicant is required to repay the full testing fees

10 . How can I re-schedule my oral assessment?

Send email to regulation@dha.gov.ae

o   5 days prior to the assessment, no additional charges will be requested.

o   Less than 5 days prior the assessment, the applicant is required to repay the full testing fees

11. How do I obtain the result of my exam?

A notification will be sent to your email. If your are successfull, an eligibility letter will be issued.

Note: Notification of the result (pass or Fail) and no further details (such as, score) will be provided.

12 . If I fail the assessment, when can I appear for a second chance?

There is no grace period to take another assessment.  You may re-apply again once the first application is completed.

13 . If I failed the assessment, how do I apply for another exam?

You must apply for a "new Professional License" from the same user account and once the application reaches the assessment step, a new booking must be done.

14 . How can I know if I am exempted from assessment?

All assessment exemptions are listed in the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements and in the Exemption from Assessment and Examination Policy.


E . Good Standing Certificate (GSC)

1. What do you mean by Good Standing Certificate (GSC) or equivalents?

Good Standing certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body, confirming the healthcare professional Good Standing (Lack of any malpractice) of his/her recent practice.

2. What is the validity for a Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

Good Standing Certificate is valid for 6 months, from the date of issuance unless stated otherwise


3. The DHA good standing certificate is issued but I did not receive a copy, what shall do?

The letter is forwarded to the registered email address in your Sheryan account. If you wish to change the email address, please contact regulation@dha.gov.ae 


4. I have paid the good standing certificate fee and have been waiting for a long time but I have not not receivedit. What shall I do?

Please check with the Medical Director, as the application might be pending in their account for approval on the application to proceed.


5. My license has been cancelled during my good standing certificate application (after paying the required fee), what shall I do?

Since the application is cancelled automatically when the license is cancelled. You should apply again for the same type of good standing letter but do  not proceed with  payment, then contact regulation@dha.gov.ae to do the necessary for the new application.


6. I am a DHA government staff applying for a good standing certificate but it has been pending for a long time after payment, what is the issue?

The application will not be processed until you submit a copy of the good standing certificate form (available with hospitals coordinators). The filled form must be forwarded to GSC@dha.gov.ae


7. My license status is revoked/ suspended; can I apply for a good standing certificate?

Yes, you can do so manually, you must visit the office to finalize the payment. However, the letter will not be issued as "good standing certificate" r ather as as a "letter of current status" instead.


8. Can the good standing certificate be sent abroad?

Yes, only by email provided by you.

However, if it must be e-mailed, we shall provide a stamped envelope with the letter that can be forwarded by courier arranged by yourself.

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